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Home us world politics business/finance technology health more topics education literature self-help science home » long-term sequelae of farmer's lung disease in hrct: a 14-year follow-up study of 88 patients and 83 matched control farmers title long-term sequelae of farmer's lung disease in hrct: a 14-year follow-up study of 88 patients and 83 matched control farmers author(s) malinen, a. buy viagra online cheap free shipping P. ; erkinjuntti-pekkanen, r. Benefits of viagra on women A. viagra molecular mechanism ; partanen, p. generic viagra online buy L. K. ; rytk�nen, h. T. ; vanninen, r. L. Pub. Date september 2003 source european radiology;sep2003, vol. 13 issue 9, p2212 source type academic journal doc. Type article abstract the aim of this study was to compare high-resolution computed tomography (hrct) findings of long-term farmer's lung (fl) patients and control farmers. We studied 88 fl patients and 83 matched control farmers with a mean follow-up time of 14 years. generic viagra online canada pharmacy Emphysematous, fibrotic, and miliary changes were recorded by hrct. generic viagra canadian online The pattern of emphysema and location and distribution of other findings were evaluated in detail. Emphysema was found in 20 (23%) fl patients and in 6 (7%) controls (p=0. 005). Recurrences of fl attacks increased (p=0. buying generic viagra online 021) the risk of emphysema. Prevalence of fibrosis (17 vs 10%, p=0. viagra online 16) and miliary changes (11 vs 4%, p=0. 06) did not differ significantly in patients and controls. Among fl patients, emphysematous, fibrous, and miliary changes were more pronounced at the base than in the upper parts of the lung (p related articles volume adjustment of lung density by computed tomography scans in patients with emphysema. generic viagra usa pharmacy  shaker, s. Pharmacy price of viagra B. best price for generic viagra ; dirksen, a. generic viagra price in india ; laursen, l. C. ; skovgaard, l. T. ; holstein-rathlou, n. -h. cheapest prices on viagra  // acta radiologica;jul2004, vol. Buy viagra online next day delivery uk 45 issue 4, p417 purpose: to determine how to adjust lung density measurements for the volume of the lung calculated from computed tomography (ct) scans in patients with emphysema. Material and methods: fifty patients with emphysema underwent 3 ct scans at 2-week intervals. The scans were analyzed with a... Quantification of emphysema: a composite physiologic index derived from ct estimation of disease extent.  desai, sujal r. ; hansell, david m. generic viagra price in india ; walker, amanda; macdonald1,2,3, sharon l. tesco to sell half-price viagra over the counter S. ; chabat, fran�ois; wells, athol u.  // european radiology;apr2007, vol. 17 issue 4, p911 the combination of functional indices best reflecting the extent of emphysema is not known. much does viagra prescription cost High-resolution computed tomography (hrct) studies of 106 patients with emphysema [men=71; median age=61 (range=26�86 years)] were reviewed and the extent of emphysema was quantified: (a) visually... buy generic viagra Emphysema in copd: consequences and causes.  turino, g. natural herbs to replace viagra M. cheap viagra pills online  // thorax;dec2006, vol. 61 issue 12, p1031 the article focuses on the role of radiologically identified pulmonary emphysema in a group of patients having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It was found that patients with computed tomography (ct) emphysema have higher body mass index t.